Uncover the Health Benefits of Gingko Biloba

by Henri

What are the benefits of gingko biloba? Gingko biloba is a tree that has extreme longevity – the oldest specimens are older than 2500 years.

Found only in China, the gingko biloba is a tree that is hardy, although it is considered an endangered species.

Four trees planted in Hiroshima survived the World War II atomic bomb, and are still alive today.

Many uses of this tough plant are indicated below. Gingko biloba is often taken as an extract, in a capsule, or as a tea, and there are many benefits of gingko biloba.

Memory Enhancement and Cardiovascular Effects

One of the benefits of gingko biloba is that gingko increases blood flow, especially to the brain, resulting in more oxygen getting to the brain.

This results in memory enhancement, as a nourished brain functions better than a malnourished one.

Marked increases in mental clarity, as well as short-and-long term memory improvements are all part of the benefits of gingko biloba.

Another of the benefits of gingko biloba is that gingko controls the conversion of cholesterol into plaque.

This helps cuts down the chance that the consumer will have a heart attack or stroke. As gingko also relaxes the blood vessels, most people who take it will experience lowered blood pressure.

The last cardiovascular effect is that gingko acts as a blood thinner, which helps blood move more easily through constricted vessels.

Other Effects

Some studies suggest that among the benefits of gingko biloba, gingko can help with the effects of tinnitus.

Multiple sclerosis patients have sometimes seen more energy and increases in cognitive ability, which may be related to the plant’s cardiovascular effects and capabilities to improve cellular metabolism.

Some patients with vertigo reported that their symptoms eased after taking gingko. Other eye and ear conditions such as macular degeneration, or retinopathy, have seen improvement when treated with a regimen including gingko.

Tension headache suffers can experience relief from symptoms thanks to increased blood flow. Gingko is even used in the treatment of resistant depression. These are some of the clear benefits of gingko biloba.

As with many other homeopathic remedies, gingko contains compounds that help “sweep up” free radicals. The absence of free radicals cuts down the risk of all types of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

The longevity effects of controlling free radicals are immense. Studies around the anti-cancer benefits of gingko biloba have concluded that it is not effective against not invasive cancers.

However, against aggressive cancers that would metastasize, it is very effective at shrinking tumor size. It is interesting how a plant that is so old has anti-aging effects.

Gingko has been regarded as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. While showing no specific function to increase sexual energy, it is thought increased blood flow and enhanced cellular metabolism are responsible for these effects.

Possible Side Effects

Despite the benefits of gingko biloba, gingko should be avoided by those on certain kinds of anti-depressants (MOIs and SSRIs).

Also, since it has an anticoagulant effect, it should be avoided by those on aspirin therapy or other pharmaceutical anti-coagulants such as warfarin. Some people experience a reaction to the coating of gingko seeds, similar to a poison ivy reaction.

People who have a strong allergic reaction to poison ivy, mangoes, and other usushiol producing plants will probably have an adverse reaction to consuming gingko.

Best Way to Take Gingko Biloba

Taking gingko biloba alone is certainly effective and does provide some very good health benefits, but if you want to really achieve optimal health, you might want to look into high quality nutritional supplements.

The reason is because the best nutritional supplements available today contain a wide variety of standardized herbal extracts and specialty nutrients that act together.

This gives you many times over the health benefits that you would get from just taking one single herb and the price is usually the same.

The supplement that my family, my girlfriend and I take is called Total Balance from Xtend-Life, it is the best out there at the moment.

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