What is Taurine – Discover the Effects & Benefits of Taurine

by Henri

So what is taurine? Taurine is a substance that is naturally found in meats. It got its name because it was first discovered in ox bile by German scientists.

Taurine is a semi-essential amino acid that plays a part in physical exertion. Vegans, who consume no meat or animal products, have little to no taurine in their bodies, whereas people who consume a large amount of meats have higher concentrations.

Taurine consumption in a normal, omnivorous American diet is between 40 to 400mg/day. In healthy adults, up to 6,000mg of taurine per day is considered safe.

Above those levels, it is excreted through the kidneys. Seafood and meat are two naturally occurring sources of taurine.

One of the best ways to make sure you get enough taurine and other nutrients is to use a high grade supplement, that’s what I do.

While taurine was originally isolated in ox bile, the taurine that is found in energy drinks is chemically synthesized. Some people wonder ‘What is taurine good for?’

What Does Taurine Do?

So what is taurine used to treat? Taurine supports neurological development. It also helps regulate electrolyte balance in the blood.

Recent studies of premature babies suggests that the ability to process taurine is developed in the later trimesters, as premature babies lack the correct enzymes to create it.

Taurine is an ingredient in many infant formulas since the early 1980′s to counteract this.

Physiological Functions of Taurine

What is taurine used for medically? While many people believe that taurine is a performance enhancer, no study has confirmed this yet.

Supplements that contain taurine often contain caffeine as well. While caffeine and taurine are often found together in energy drinks, they are radically different substances. Caffeine is a stimulant.

However, while taurine is not a specific source of energy, it is important for the functioning of skeletal muscles.

Heavy physical exertion depletes the body’s store of taurine, so taking a supplement is beneficial to continued top performance. It also enhances blood flow, helps reduce blood pressure, and alleviates other cardiovascular ailments.

Patients suffering from congestive heart failure have seen improvements because taurine helped increase the force and effectiveness of heart muscle contractions.

Respiratory function, which is typically compromised along with cardiovascular function, also improves dramatically upon beginning taurine therapy.

What is taurine’s effect on the brain? Some researchers believe that taurine can be a beneficial dietary supplement for people who suffer from bipolar disorder.

It is also thought to be useful for hyperactivity, anxiety, epilepsy, and brain hydration. It is required for proper eye health and vision. The only side effect of taurine over consumption known at this time is peptic ulcers.

These only occur when extremely high doses of taurine are consumed, and clear up when taurine is discontinued.

Effect on Diabetes

What is taurine, and how does it affect diabetes? Studies have shown that taurine acts as an antioxidant and improves Type I diabetes.

This is because taurine combats the effects of free radicals on the pancreas. Taurine also improves insulin resistance by increasing the excretion of cholesterol via conversion to bile acid.

Since fat digestion is one of the primary roles of taurine, it also aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

The truth is, you typically don’t have to worry about taurine if you eat a diet that includes meat. If you don’t, you will want to consider supplementation to ensure proper nutrition.

If you are wondering ‘what is taurine’, hopefully you’ve found your answer. The question of ‘what is taurine’ is one that scientists and doctors have been exploring for years.

The Best Way to Take Taurine

If you’re serious about improving your health, then you might want to look into using a multi-vitamin that contains not only high quality taurine, but other specialty ingredients as well.

I have been passionate about natural health and supplements for many years and the best supplement I’ve found that contains high quality ingredients and actually produces health benefits is Total Balance from Xtend-Life.

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